Meat pie Sausage roll come on Chorley give us a goal

FGR ground as the Fog comes down  (photo Richard Scott)

FGR ground as the Fog comes down
(photo Richard Scott)

Us football fans we are a barmy bunch of people really. We go to great lengths to follow our team across the country even if we get beat every week.

Tuesday night was just one of those cases for me, well not getting beat.

My team, Chorley fc were away at Forest Green Rovers in an FA Trophy replay having got a memorable 0-0 draw against them on Saturday at home and we felt we could beat them.

This meant I just had to go to Nailsworth, where FGR are based, to cheer on the Magpies in the last 16 where a trip to Tamworth was awaiting the visitors.

Leaving the Market Town of Chorley at 1pm we surely had no chance of a victory. The law of physic surely must say that a higher league club will beat the lower league time at home in any game.

But we had a chance didn’t we? Once 6pm had arrived and the 51 Chorley fans that had made the 3 and a half hour journey to down the M6 and 42 we in The Green Man pub singing Chorley songs. It felt to be a Magpie.

The only downfalls was no programmes available. Sure that’s against FA ruling, but I will leave that too them and the fact the food was expensive and not meat products (hence the title Meat pie Sausage roll Come on Chorley give us a goal), but a Badger Pie, what the hell is one of them.

It’s a pasty with swede and Sweetcorn in it from what I was told- false advertising if there was ever one.

So onto the game. What a night it was to be Magpie, the home fans thought it was a fore gone conclusion that FGR were going to be making the trip up to Staffordshire for Tamworth.

However Flitty’s men battled hard and took their moneybag hosts into the break level with the loud vocal backing on the fans.

Come second half and not much a change really just Chorley looking good and were doing well to keep the host out.

Extra time was nerve racking, always is and the lads looked to be tiring, but kept going and then onto the shootout.

I wont describe it as there is a video below, which is not the best as the fog was coming down thick at that point.

The video starts just after Deano scored to put Chorley 1-0 up following Josh Hine and Matthew Barnes-Homer has missed their spot kick.

Apologies for the songs in the video but I make no apology for showing it.

But We’re going to Tamworth was the cry after the game from the Magpie and by all that had finished it was gone 11 when we got back on the bus to head home for a 3am arrival.

But what an amazing night was and the chant from the Chorley fans as FGR took their first penatly: ‘You will never beat Sam Ashton’ rang out true. Ok they only did once but Sam Russell was beaten once, twice and three times to give Chorley a win.

Time to rest my throat I think.


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