The £4 pie at Kidderminster Harriers

The catering outlet at Kidderminster (photo by Sam Elliot)

The catering outlet at Kidderminster (photo by Sam Elliot)

When I go to football games I always like to get a bit of grub at the game, to sample the cuisine offered up at game.

Some clubs have produced some amazing food to match their talents on the pitch (or in some clubs the lack of talent)

Barwell offered me curry, many clubs just offer the normal burger, chips and pies etc. But there is one club that offer the best food ever.

That club is…. Kidderminster Harriers of the Skrill Premier.

The Harriers match day is simply the best on offer in the world of non-league football- the normal burgers and pies are on offer but some amazing stand out offers include the Aggborough soup which is simply amazing on a cold afternoon but heavens knows what is in.

I rather not know, but it taste amazing.

However the one that I love is the Aggborough cottage pie. Priced at £4 the Harriers take some stick over but this is not your normal pie, this is a work of art.

The £4 cottage pie  (photo by Richard Scott)

The £4 cottage pie
(photo by Richard Scott)

Homemade the cottage pie just taste amazing. My first run in with the Aggborough pie was in March of this year when I covered Kidderminster Harriers in the Conference Premier. It was just amazing and every bite wanted me to go and buy another one.

My return to Aggborough and to the press area in November 2013 saw me eager to get another and once I had signed in at the club reception my first thoughts was how I could get my hands on one.

The catering units had just opened when I had arrived and was ready to hand over this amazing pie.

£4 it was worth every penny and soon as I had it I had scuttled over to the press box with my pie.

Sitting there it was just divine. The pie had a kick to it which made it even more better, normally I don’t get worked up about football food but this was different.

If I was a food critic I would rate this pie 10 out of 10 without a shadow of a doubt and would urge anyone who ever plans a trip to DY10 then to arrive early as not too miss out on this amazing piece of craftsmanship.


2 responses to “The £4 pie at Kidderminster Harriers

  1. Ha! That’s amazing. I’ll be sure to try this when I’m on my travels to Kidderminster. I always buy a club pie as a matter of routine. Bournemouth and Norwich are probably among the top. I thought I was the only one that rated clubs on the half time delicacy’s as much as the football! Great to see I’m not alone… An enjoyable read!

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your reply.

      I do love my food at football from the cheap and nasty plastic burgers to Kiddy pie. If you ever do go to Kidderminster arrive and buy early. I was also at the game v Stockport last season and they had already sold out and then this was 30 minutes after the ground had been opened to the fans.

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