Why take in Non-league Day

Non-league Day

This Saturday sees no Premier League or Championship taking place due to England taking on Moldova in the World Cup Qualifier. So what are you Premier League and Championship fans are going to do for your football fix?

Well why not come and join in with Non-league Day at your local non-league football.

For those who do not know what Non-league Day is all about? Well it was founded in 2010 by QPR fan James Doe as a way of getting fans of FL clubs to attend a non-league game when there are no other games going ahead due to England’s superstars turning out for the national team.

It took off well and now it has many famous people backing the day including Sky Sports Commentator Martin Tyler and former Match Of The Day 2 and current Talksport presenter Colin Murray and now in its 4th season it is growing stronger and stronger.

But why chose a non-league game this Saturday. Well for a start it will be a cheap day out to watch a football game. Admission to a non-league game is half of what you have to pay to get into Old Trafford or Stamford Bridge.

It is also not just the admission being cheap an average cost of a programme in a non-league game is £2 while you can also get a raffle ticket and have a good chance of winning some money which means you can buy a pint after the game in the club house and have a chat with the star man who has just scored the winning goal for the club.

So it points out to every reason why you should take a non-league game as it treats you more as a fan then as a costumer, which many people think and feel when you go and attend a Premier League game.

Harriers fans at Stockport on Non-league day last season.

Harriers fans at Stockport on Non-league day last season.

Non-league clubs up and down the country are just waiting to throw open their doors and welcome you to their game with open arms and you are always made welcome by a band of volunteers at the club, who arrive at the ground at 12 and work until all that way up until you leave and even then they are still running round getting jobs done such as clearing up the ground and sorting the kit out ready for washing. Many of the volunteers have more then one job to do. For example, the sectary is also the programme editor and runs all the media while the person on the Tannoy could also be the one who writes the match report to send out to the local press.

It is really an army of people who make sure the game gets underway and you are safe with little credit given- which is one of the aims of non-league day- to give credit to the thousands of people working non-stop behind the scenes of the football club.

Also in the week when Southern League club Kettering Town, once managed by England legend Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne, have been served with a winding up order, potentially killing 114-year history. It is becoming even more crucial for fans to come through the turnstiles.

What makes the Kettering situation even worse is that Welsh star man Greath Bale has joined Real Madrid for a world record fee of £85 million pounds and his wages are such that what he earns in five hours could pay off the Poppies debts.

With premier league prices going up and so does everything else connected with Premier League football on the raise isn’t it time you tried to give Non-league football a go?

If you want to find out more about the day you can read ‘The Non-league scenes’ interview with founder James Doe here. While a map of where games are being played can be found here.


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