New Power at Farnborough

wikiIf you make the trip to Farnborough FC in the Skrill South this season then you would have been forgiven if you had thought that Gary Linker, David Beckham and Roberto Carlos had come out of retirement and had signed up for the Cherrywood Road outfit.

However this is just the latest in a long line of PR stunts involving a non-league club, in all fairness tough the stunt did help The Boro survive by the skin of their teeth.

This time bookmaking giants Paddy Power had stumped up the money to cover the football clubs membership to the Conference football- however reports from the Non-league paper say that they missed the deadline to play.

But what do you think the Irish Bookmakers asked for in return? There logo on the front of the shirt? (Which they got) or a green away kit, which represents the company’s colours and the colours of the Irish team?
No they forced to change all the players to change their names to famous footballers either past or present.

So French defender Djibril Forana will be Chelsea captain and expert photo bomber John Terry, David Tarpey will now be known as Diego Maradona, the former Argentina captain made famous for ‘Hand of God’.

Even the manager has been forced to change his name. The Yellows gaffer is normally known as Spencer Trethewy has been forced to change his name to Special One returning to Chelsea in Jose Mourinho.

Personally for me speaking this a bit of a farce. How can the FA allow this to happen? Some of you may ask why there is nothing wrong. But for me I think they shouldn’t be allowed to as it is ripping up a club and players identity.
Yes they have saved a club from going out of business but do Paddy Power really need to make the players change their names by Deed Poll.

For me it is just another way of trying to create themselves more headlines and to get people talking- which of course they have done. But is it really all that necessary for Paddy Power to have all the headlines. Surely the real headlines should be Farnborough are saved. Not Paddy Power forces club to change player’s names as it saves Farnborough.

Maybe it is just me being this way but surely it is going to in the long run hurt Farnborough fc. What will happen to the players when they are sold on do they revert back to their birth names? Also any new players do will they be forced to change their name to a famous footballer?


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