Welcome to Reco’s Ramble

Welcome to Reco's Ramble.

Welcome to Reco’s Ramble.

For those who read the Chorley FC match day programme last season would have seen the page that I had- entitled Reco’s Ramble. Sadly this season I will not be writing for the Chorley FC match day programme.

So I have decided to bring this to an online format.

Each Thursday I will post a Reco’s Ramble which will be an opinion column on a topic in world of non-league football.
It maybe something that happened in a game I was watching or reporting on, brining you and insight into what goes on in the press box or sometimes it will be what is the key talking points in the game. But remember these are my opinions and not any publications I have worked for.

The name Reco is an old nickname I have had and was what my page in the Chorley match day programme called. So it made sense to use that name.

The first one will be online on next Thursday ahead of the new Skrill Premier Division.

Hope you enjoy reading them.



2 responses to “Welcome to Reco’s Ramble

  1. Will you be at Barwell?

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