Dutch Courage at Barnet

28th May 2003, Juventus play AC Milan at Old Trafford, Manchester, in the 2003 Champions League final. In the Juventus starting 11 is the midfield genius of Dutch legend Edgar Davids. The result doesn’t really matter in this context but for the record Milan won 3-2 on Penalties after a 0-0 draw.

Barnet player/manager: Edgar Davids

Barnet player/manager: Edgar Davids

Fast-forward 10 years later and following trips to Tottenham and Crystal Palace. The Dutchman is player/manager of Barnet and the Bees are ultimately relegated into the Conference Premier.

Following much talk around the London club it is announced that the Davids is going to continue in his role at Barnet as they move into their new ground- The Hive.

Staying can only be a good thing, which Graham Stack, who was plying his trade at Arsenal in 2003 think that his boss sticking around can be a boost as they look to make a swift return to the football league.

Despite being nearly 40, Davids will still buzzing round League Two pitches like a bee on a warm summers day. But how will he cope in the Conference.

Luckily for Edgar it is not that far away from the standard of league two as the likes of Crawley and Stevenage have proven in the past. As players like to certainly get stuck in and put their foot in a bit.

Players will certainly want to ruffle his feathers as they did in League Two. But, I am sure Davids will be able to draw on the experience which has seen him win the Champions League, The UEFA cup, Serie A and play in 4 major international tournaments.

He will needed in on midweek trips to the likes of Hyde FC or Alfreton Town FC where the pitches are compact and the facilities are certainly not like the ones found at the Nou Camp where he has spent time on loan.

It will be weird seeing him walk out in the Conference when he use to baffle defenders in Italy’s top league just a decade ago but, it will be a privilege to go and watch him strut his stuff.

Some of his skills is something which will no doubt give opposing players a nightmare in the run up to games and there may be no answer to it but managers will be looking to find away to stop him. Some might double up on him or even triple up or some might just stick the player who likes to kick the player the most in the hope it winds him up so much he has to sub himself off.

But I think the best way to stop the Dutch legend is to cut off the supply to him. Stop the ball going to then not only do you have the ball and a better chance of scoring but also, it stops him from weaving his magic on the pitch and create goals for himself or his teammates.

He may not even play in the Conference and may just hang up his boots, which will be a shame if he does as he will be an interesting talent to pay the entrance fee to see play.


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